The The American Wildlife Foundatioon is a place where people come to help animals and,
along the way, they usually end up helping each other, and themselves.

In Whispers from the Wild, read about
Cyrano: An imprint vulture, with one foot in the wild, the other irrevocably among humans; a harbinger of death, or a reminder of renewal?
Zorro: A gunshot crow that chooses freedom with uncertainty over comfort and safety in captivity, leaving a gift before he goes.
Cloud Spirit: A bald eagle, the Native American Thunderbird, messenger to the gods, and national symbol of the United States, who offers comfort to a small child.
Piper: A Canada Goose who demonstrates the importance of kin and clan.



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“You didn’t tell anyone, did you?” Morgan squirmed.

Somehow, Lucan knew exactly what she meant. “What? That you can
teleport to another time and place? That you stand around bonfires
casting spells? Or that you rescue animals in the middle of the night
like some superhero?”

Thirteen-year-old Morgan may not be guilty of everything Lucan’s
accused her of, but she does seem to have a supernatural way
about her. When the troubled boy is brought to her family’s wildlife
center for community service, he drags a mystery into her world
that threatens Morgan, her friends, and the animals at the sanctuary.
Theft. Vandalism. Kidnapping.
Can Morgan figure out what’s going on before someone really gets hurt?
Can she muster up enough magic to help a boy she’s not even sure she can trust?
in book or ebook format,
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